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The main page in English is finally here and updated!

A design cloud office

This means that we are located in Finland but we work using cloud applications. We use Skype for meetings, Google drive for sharing and WeTransfer for downloads, Vimeo for video preview. Could it be any more easier?

What do we offer? If you need visual designs, marketing, advertising, photography or videos, please contact for quote and an offer. We are more than happy to discuss about the details in beforehand!

We also arrange translations to finnish or other languages and localize materials with professional translators.

Terms and conditions:


The Client shall be entitled to full ownership of all final artwork created during the project upon full payment of the agreed fee. All products remain the property of Illusia Creative, until fully paid for. No artwork will be supplied without full payment.


The Client should be prepared to offer some initial feedback as to how closely the suggested designs meet with their general needs and expectations. The Client should select the design strategy that best suits their needs and assemble and deliver a list of any desired discussion points for revision (if necessary) to Illusia Creative.

The Client is more than welcome to combine elements from the different looks to create a final look within two revision rounds. The Client will then approve on the final design.


Illusia Creative will be contracting other professionals to provide services that are not offered by the studio. Third Parties to consider: Copy Writers • Printers • Emailers • Translators


The Client is responsible to check proofs and other deliverables carefully for accuracy in all respects, ranging from spelling to technical illustrations. The Clients’ signature or go-ahead e-mail, or that of the authorised representative is required on all artwork prior to release for printing, digital publication, or other implementation. Please check final artwork and proof prints carefully.

Client satisfaction is one of our top priorities, we respond to our Clients creative needs,

by offering innovative designs, friendly service and a personal experience.