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Planning in time!

To me, as an entrepreneur, freedom and the quality of life matters most. But, managing time can be challenging, as for most business owners, no matter how big the company is. Yet, time is our most valuable asset.

I have been creating campaigns and marketing for several companies for over 20 years. I have often noticed that marketing plans are usually late and designed in a hurry, in the middle of several other tasks.

I designed a unique calendar that will give a whole year insight into the year's themes. It also has the most important holidays to consider, reminders for you to start going, and many ideas for marketing and communications. Marketing Made Simple calendar will give you more freedom and help you to become a marketing master quickly!



Start your
master journey

You don´t need a degree to become an effective marketing master. But you need an understanding of marketing in the long term. You need to think about the place you stand and where you are going. Search your competition, look at the market, get to know your clients. 

Marketing tools are available for all social media channels. It is easy to get going, but it is hard to stay on the same path for long. Brand and planning are essential to any business. 

With Marketing Made Simple Calendar, you can market your brand, products or services efficiently. The calendar helps you to remember, plan and execute at the right time with effective creative ideas.

What you get:

  • A starter pack for a marketing audit: Get on the right track!

  • Calendar with inspiring monthly themes 

  • Creative ideas to use in marketing

  • Ideas to explore new possibilities, for example, communications and events

  • Social media templates for LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook posts, with creative monthly themes (download).

  • Checklists for every month

  • Guest visitors giving inspiring ideas in insight!

  • Hashtag groups for holidays

  • Reminders for important dates and seasons

  • An easy calendar that helps you to become an effective and innovative marketer!

What you don´t get:

An excel template with no inspiring or creative ideas and content!

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